Be One Less Victim of Gardasil

This was me after I finally got to come home from the hospital after having a severe reaction to the third shot of Gardasil. I was a 13-year-old who suddenly had to learn to live with chronic illness.

I will never forget how much pain I was in on this day. My brain was on fire and I truly felt like I was dying.

It is memories like these that made me start speaking up about my experience and the risks of the HPV Vaccine. I don’t want anyone to have to experience what I went through (or worse).

It is with this in mind that I am writing my first blog post on this website. I want to get started by making sure that we are all on the same page when it comes to the risks vs. benefits of Gardasil.

Six years ago, when I went to see my pediatrician for a well-visit, he told me that I should get the HPV Vaccine. When my mom initially declined, he said, “Don’t you want to protect your daughter from cervical cancer?”. He then went on to tell my mom that she was a horrible parent if she didn’t get me this vaccine because my life would be at risk from cervical cancer. At that point, as a 13-year-old, I was obviously terrified. My poor mom felt guilty because she wanted to do what was best for her child as the parent. So I got the vaccine. And then I got sick (read my story here).

Looking back at that office visit is really frustrating for my parents and I because we did not receive true informed consent. There was no talk about risks of the vaccine, and my pediatrician greatly exaggerated both the benefits of the vaccine and the risks of HPV and cervical cancer. The sad thing is, I know that I am not the only one who was told this narrative to be persuaded into getting the vaccine. It is a marketing strategy full of fearmongering and manipulation… it’s not even close to informed consent.

I want people to have the informed consent that I never got. I think everyone has the right to know the true safety profile of this vaccine before making a decision about whether they should get it or not.

So, what is the real threat of HPV and cervical cancer? And how does this risk compare to that of the vaccine?

Here are the stats on HPV in the US:

  • There are more than 100 different strains of HPV

  • 80% of the population will get HPV in their lifetime. 90% of these people will clear it naturally. Of the other 10%, less than 0.05% of those people will have HPV that leads to cervical cancer (which would take up to 30 years to develop). According to the Cleveland Clinic, "most people will never even know they have the virus."

  • Of the 100+ strains of HPV that we know of, 14 of them have been associated with cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine does not protect against all of these strains.

  • It is important to note that recent studies have found that HPV genetic material is only in about 30% of cervical cancers. This would suggest that only a third of cervical cancers are associated with HPV (this doesn't mean the virus causes cancer... it is just associated with it).

So we can see that HPV isn’t much of a threat, and the link between HPV and cervical cancer is still under debate.

Here are the stats on cervical cancer in the US:

  • Cervical cancer is rare as it is the 20th common cancer.

  • Cervical cancer accounts for only 0.8% of all new cancer cases, and 0.6% of women will receive a cervical cancer diagnosis in their liftetime.

  • The rate of new cervical cancer cases per year is about 7.4/100,000. Annual deaths from cervical cancer are about 2.3/100,000.

  • Cervical cancer’s median age of death is 58. It is first diagnosed at age 50 (median).

  • The danger of dying from cervical cancer is 1/43,500 people.

  • For those who are diagnosed, cervical cancer is largely testable, and the five-year survival rate is over 90% when the cancer is caught early on.

  • I thought it was interesting that the American Cancer Society said this in their 2019 Cancer Facts and Figures report: "Most cervical precancers develop slowly, so cancer can usually be prevented if a woman is screened regularly. It is important for all women, even those who have received the HPV vaccine, to follow cervical cancer screening guidelines."

So, what does all of this tell us?

HPV is a common virus that is resolved naturally without treatment in most cases. Young women essentially have a ZERO percent chance of developing cervical cancer, but if they do, it is easily detectable and treatable.

Now, based on the data we have from Merck’s own clinical trials and protocols of Gardasil, what are the risks of this vaccine?

*Keep in mind that these were the results despite all of the efforts made by Merck to conceal rates of adverse events (watch this video to learn more).

  • 2.3% of girls in the clinical study who received the Gardasil vaccine got ill from autoimmune diseases, many within seven months of taking the vaccine (Page 8, Table 9). This means that there is a 1/40 chance of this vaccine giving the recipient a lifetime disability of autoimmune disease. Let's do some math... The U.S. SEER cancer database shows that for 2016, cervical cancer mortality was 2.24 per 100,000 women. 2.3% of Gardasil recipients reported an autoimmune disorder. 2.3% is 2.3 per 100. If you convert that to a per 100,000 rate, it is 2,300 per 100,000. 2,300 is approximately 1,000 times greater than 2.24. In other words, you are 1,000 times more likely to develop an autoimmune disease from the Gardasil vaccine than you are to be protected from cervical cancer.

  • Half (49.6%) of girls in Merck’s protocols developed “new medical conditions” (Page 393, Table 302). This included blood lymphatic diseases, anemia, endocrine diseases, autoimmune diseases, G.I., Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, vaginal infections, musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis, neoplasm, Hodgkin’s disease, neurological diseases, psychiatric diseases, depression, reproductive and breast disorders, menstrual irregularities, and pain. (Merck dismissed these new injuries as “new medical conditions” unrelated to the vaccine...)

  • Over 3% of the girls in Protocol 18, 1 in 30, required surgical and medical procedures post-vaccine (Page 329, Table 245).

  • Merck’s own pre-clinical trial records show that girls or women who already had been exposed to HPV actually had a 44.6% increased risk of developing precancerous lesions (Page 13, Table 17).

  • The miscarriage rate in the Gardasil clinical trials was 25% (Page 103, Table 73). This about doubles the average rate of 10-15% for women under age 30 in the US.

  • The birth defects in the Gardasil group were five times the rate of birth defects from the control group (Page 24, Table 35).

  • As of reproductive disorders, an astonishing 10.9% of the women reported reproductive disorders within seven months of receiving Gardasil (Page 394, Table 302).

  • The death rate in the Gardasil group in the clinical trials was 8.5 per 10,000 (Page 379, Table 297). Remember, the death rate of cervical cancer in the US is about 2.3/100,000. The death rate after Gardasil from all causes was 85/100,000. In other words, death risk from this vaccine is 37 times the risk of dying from cervical cancer according to Merck’s own studies!!

To put this data in perspective, I want to use an analogy involving a deck of cards. The following slides were made by Robert Kennedy Jr. from Children’s Health Defense, and the explanation below is from him as well, but put into my own words (you can watch his presentation on Gardasil here).

Imagine you have a deck of cards but instead of 50 there’s 43,500 cards on a huge table. One of those cards is a black card. If you pick that card, you die. This black card represents your chances of dying from cervical cancer, and Merck claims that their vaccine will remove that black card from the deck.

Now we are going to add 1,000 blue cards to the deck. These represent your chances of developing an autoimmune disease if you get the Gardasil vaccine.

Then we have to add 21,750 green cards that represent the 50% chance of developing a serious medical condition from Gardasil.

This card game that we’re playing with Merck has now become a really bad bet… Merck has claimed that they removed the one black card, but you now have a 1 in 40 chance of drawing a blue card and getting an autoimmune disease that may afflict you for the rest of your life, and you have a 1 in 2 chance of having some other serious medical condition.

But Merck has another problem. As previously mentioned, recent peer reviewed scientific studies indicate that perhaps only a third of cervical cancer cases are even associated with HPV. That would completely destroy Merck’s claims that Gardasil is going to eliminate cervical cancer altogether. So now we need to put that black card back in the deck because we have doubts about whether or not this vaccine can prevent cervical cancer at all.

Furthermore, as we have established, the news gets worse. Because Gardasil may actually cause cancer. We not only have to reinsert the black card, but we have to increase it to three black cards. The cancer risk has been reinserted and amplified!

So, when a person gets this vaccine, they have a greater risk of developing an autoimmune disease, a greater risk of reproductive issues, a greater risk of cervical cancer, and a greater risk of death! All for a virus that they likely would have overcome naturally and for a cancer they were unlikely to get in the first place. ALL RISK, NO GAIN.

  • I also want to point out that this data was all based on the original Gardasil. I received Gardasil 9 which is the newer HPV Vaccine by Merck. It includes double the amount of aluminum adjuvant... and the risks are even worse than the already horrific Gardasil. Not to mention that the data I presented here is just from the PRE-clinical trials. The post-marketing data on the HPV Vaccine is just as bad, if not worse (check out my HPV Vaccine resource page to learn more).

Here is the bottom line: the HPV Vaccine is a scam.

When I was trying to decide what to title my website, I came up with a lot of different ideas, but “HPV Vaccine Survivor” just felt right. To some people it may sound “dramatic”, but I think it is actually quite accurate.

As we have seen from Merck’s own data, this vaccine is dangerous. Many have lost their lives to Gardasil (read more here). For those of us who do survive, we live a shell of the life we used to live. After Gardasil I was chronically ill, chronically fatigued, dealing with chronic pain, bedridden, and depressed. All I could do was try to survive each day.

So, when I refer to those of us who have been injured by this vaccine as “survivors”, I mean it.

Talk to anyone who got the HPV Vaccine and suffered an adverse reaction and they’ll tell you that they would have much rather have taken their chances with HPV or even cervical cancer than go through the horrible consequences of getting the vaccine. See the image below… this is a message that I recently received on Instagram and I totally understand and agree with this sentiment (name removed for privacy).

For those of you out there reading this who are considering getting this vaccine for you or your child, please don’t make the same mistake as us. I never would have gotten this vaccine if I had known the truth. Hear this well, and research before you regret.

And for those of you who have found my website but have already been injured by Gardasil, please reach out to me on Instagram @healingfromgardasil and subscribe to my website. I have made progress in healing my body and getting my life back... there is hope! I will continue to share as much healing information as I can! Remember that you are a survivor. You are not alone, be brave.

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