The HPV Vaccine

Start Here:

When you first start researching any vaccine, it can be overwhelming and confusing. That is why I am so grateful for organizations like Children's Health Defense who work to share important information regarding vaccines and other health topics. As you begin investigating the HPV Vaccine, I highly recommend starting with the resources from Children's Health Defense below. 

Gardasil: "The Science"- This presentation on Gardasil given by Robert Kennedy Jr. provides a great overview of the data from Merck’s own clinical trials. It’s about an hour long, but it is well worth the watch!

“Many of the things I’m going to say today would be slanderous if they were not true. And if they’re not true, then Merck should sue me. But Merck won’t do that. And they won’t do it because in the United States, truth is an absolute defense against slander.” - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Gardasil Science Presentation

25 Reasons to Avoid the Gardasil Vaccine - This is another great resource from Children’s Health Defense. A quick and easy read with the hard facts.